Initial Licensing Term

The duration of the initial licensing is 10 years. This term will automatically renew for additional 10 year periods unless either party chooses not to renew.
Longer licensing terms can be negotiated in specific cases.

Real Estate Requirements

The options listed below are the typical real estate alternatives for establishing an Abbey Road Institute:

  • Option 1: locate your Abbey Road Institute into an existing commercial studio. This option allows for gradual and scalable investment to convert an existing purpose-built facility into a facility that meets the Abbey Road Institute requirements.
  • Option 2: lease or buy an existing space and retro fit it to accommodate your Abbey Road Institute or, alternatively, lease or buy land and construct a new building to accommodate your Abbey Road Institute. This option usually requires a more substantial initial investment, but it allows greater flexibility and the opportunity to develop an entirely purpose-built suitable facility.

Ideal Location

Abbey Road Institutes should be situated in a prime location and ideally be:

  • With access to existing established recording studios and media hubs
  • Within or close to precincts that provide social environments for students
  • Well connected to public transportation

Premises Requirements

Abbey Road Institutes must meet certain minimum quality requirements and be built in accordance with specific security criteria.Likewise, Institute’s premises must fulfil a set of requirements. The following points are only general guidelines about the ideal premises for an Abbey Road Institute. In order to minimise difficulties later and to optimise the operation of the Institute, we encourage prospective licensees to follow as many of the guidelines set out in these paragraphs as possible.

Abbey Road Institutes around the world are expected to display a balanced approach between brand consistency and local individual look and feel.  It is imperative to note that these are only guidelines for illustrative purpose and that each Institute has its specific setup that needs to be discussed more specifically, since a deviation from these guidelines is possible in order to deliver a facility in line with the statement in the paragraph above.

Generally speaking an Abbey Road Institute Campus can be developed in one of two setups: conversion of an existing recording studio facility or construction of the whole campus from an empty shell. While these guidelines are designed around the latter option, they can also be used to consider the type of changes required to convert an existing recording studio facility.

  • In the “standard configuration” premises floor space must be between 550 and 700 Sq.m. for a campus with max capacity of 100 students.  In the “basic configuration” setup a premises can be developed in order to cover a floor space between 400 and 500 Sq.m. for a campus with max capacity of 50 to 60 students.
  • Premises floor-to-ceiling (structural ceiling) height must be in excess of 2.5m (studio areas should be higher than that to allow sufficient acoustic treatment and isolation - minimum 3m high). The premises dimensions must allow for sufficient space to accommodate appropriate HVAC systems.
  • Studio premises should preferably be located on ground floors, to reduce cost of acoustic isolation required. The selected facility must be able to accommodate the necessary load capacity for dedicated studio areas.
  • Premises should not be located adjacent, in direct contact and/or with shared access to residential properties.

Financial Requirements

Set up and operate a licensed Abbey Road Institute requires an adequate capitalisation. Initial setup as well as operational costs may vary widely depending on the territory, local labour cost and level of pre-existing infrastructure.

The Documentation section of this licensing portal, which will be unlocked after the Application Form has been submitted and reviewed, provides a series of templates and documents to assist you with setup costs forecasts and profit and loss projections.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any specific questions about Abbey Road Institute’s licensing terms and requirements.