Setup Costs Forecast

Setup costs for the opening of an Abbey Road Institute may vary widely depending on the configuration of the proposed premises, materials and labour costs and availability of existing equipment.


This table has been designed by Abbey Road Training Limited in order to assist you in forecasting the setup costs required to accommodate an initial student population of up to 50/60 students per year ("Basic Configuration"). The total floor space required for an Abbey Road Institute in its "Basic Configuration" varies between 400 and 500 square meters.

When looking for a suitable facility, you should however consider that our model allows you to scale part of the setup costs in line with the projected student maximum capacity. As an example, an Abbey Road Institute based on our "Standard Configuration" with the appropriate equipment and fit-out investment will allow you to cater for a maximum student population of up to 100 students while maintaining our standard of student experience. This will require an additional floor space of 200 square meters and an additional investment of GBP 240,000 in equipment and GBP 90,000 in fit-out cost.