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Here at Abbey Road Institute our goal is excellence: excellence in teaching, in student learning and care. Excellence delivered in new markets. The best way to achieve this is through partnerships: combining Abbey Road Institute experience and know-how with your ambition and market knowledge.

At Abbey Road Institute we’re always looking for hands-on, ambitious people who are ready to make a long-term commitment to our business. We rigorously select potential partners who:

  are willing to commercialise a long-established international brand such as Abbey Road
  possess an in depth understanding of the music production industry dynamics
  strive for excellency, upholding the highest standards of professionalism, in line with Abbey Road Studio's history and ethos
•  possess the capital and the drive to grow a successful music production and sound engineering Institute
•  are aligned with the vision, mission, and values of Abbey Road Institute.

Abbey Road Institute licenses an unparalleled educational service, supported by a modern and comprehensive business package:

  A curriculum 90 years in the making: Abbey Road Studios has been and continues to be innovative in its approach to recorded music, this has provided the foundations for a unique vocational approach to audio education. Our curriculum is founded upon years of the Studios’ experience training their assistant engineers who have since become well-respected sound engineers and producers in the industry. The curriculum is centrally managed and delivered to each licensee together with the necessary training and guidelines to enable each Abbey Road Institute to offer a consistent student and staff experience. Our curriculum is taught by industry professionals, with an apprenticeship approach where practical, ‘hands-on’ skills are developed and supported by the relevant theory

  Training: our Licensees receive in-depth initial training that covers each aspect of Abbey Road Institute’s Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering and the related business systems and procedures

  Key Staff Recruitment: we support our licensees with key staff recruitment, ensuring they have the right people in their business

  Marketing & Promotion: we support with a complete set of marketing collateral and assets to assist our licensees in the marketing of their Abbey Road Institute within the licensed territory. Our licensees also have access to regular marketing campaigns which can be utilised to promote Abbey Road Institute business to local and relevant markets

  IT and online resources: each Institute has a dedicated website and blog, hosted email service and access to Abbey Road Institute student dedicated systems, which provide vital information and support to achieve a quick and successful establishment of a licensed Institute.

Abbey Road Institute offers unique opportunities to its investors:

Credibility and Prestige: become part of a fast growing business established by Abbey Road, the world’s most famous studio, with an unparalleled history in the music industry and a unique brand awareness

Uniqueness: Abbey Road Institute isn’t another Audio Engineering school; rather we focus on the education of modern music producers as we intend it: a combination of what in the past has been represented by the interaction of two separate roles: the music producer and the sound engineer

Competitive Advantage: invest in a proven business model with a recognised brand superiority, that offers the chance to confidently enter into existing local market niches, capitalising on a window of opportunity through the ability to fill the gap in music production education

Outstanding Support: At Abbey Road Institute we know that our success depends on the success of our licensees. That’s why we make it one of our top priorities to offer full support from our Headquarters in London, U.K., to assist Abbey Road Institutes all over the world. As a partner of Abbey Road Institute you can leverage our experience and knowledge to build a successful business.

Abbey Road Institute' Licensees are provided with a comprehensive business model known as 'The Abbey Road Institute Concept' which consists of:

Operations Manual: the reference document for all elements of operating an Abbey Road Institute licensed Institute

Curriculum Materials: all materials for course instructors to be able to deliver course content in a dynamic and engaging way, and inclusive of coursework, examination system and supporting documents required for formal student assessments

Marketing & Branding: brand guidelines, brand assets, templates and examples of marketing, stationery and administrative collateral for use while promoting and running the Institute

Student Management System: range of applications, platforms and tools essential to the day to day operations. Including - CRM platform, RBS (Resources Booking System) platform, LMS (Learning Management System), as well as a dedicated SES (Student Examination System)

Training & Support: our initial training to Licensees known as Abbey Road Institute’s ‘Train the Trainer’ (TTT) Program, together with additional training and support for any other aspect of the service whenever required

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