The Licensing Process

How To Start Your Licensing Journey With Abbey Road Institute

We know that our success and that of our students and schools is dependent on your success. We’ll provide you with unwavering support throughout your journey with us from launching to managing your Abbey Road Institute.

We offer a step by step licensing process which outlines what to expect from us and what we expect from you at each stage. You’ll have lots of questions as you start to research licensing and what that opportunity will look like for you.

If you’re excited about the prospect of licensing a school with us, have passion, drive and commitment then we’d love to speak with you.


Contact & Consultation

Starting your licensing journey with us is straightforward. Contact our licensing team and we’ll arrange a preliminary call, during which we’ll introduce you to the concept and business model, and discuss the territory you’re interested in licensing in and the potential facilities.

We’ll support and guide you at a pace that works for you. We’re keen to find out more about you and your ambitions to work with us.

Our approach is an adaptable and collaborative one. If you’re at the early stages of doing your research and factfinding, we can answer questions you may have to get a greater understanding of the opportunity. Alternatively, you might have investigated your territory of interest and started to map out your own proposal and be ready to progress your conversation about licensing with us.

Whatever stage you’re at, we’re here to help you and answer your questions.


Prepare Your Market Proposal

We’ll provide you with insights and information to give you a solid understanding of our business model and how it can be adapted for different markets. This includes guidance on establishing facilities, our curriculum and approach to teaching, how to manage an Abbey Road Institute and more. Now that you understand our model better, we’ll ask you to prepare your ‘Market Proposal’ to find out more about you and your proposed market.

The Market Proposal will enable you to define essential considerations for your Institute, such as the proposed facilities, territory, size, local education, music industry landscape, and more. We’ll give you feedback on the proposal and use this information to move forward with supporting you.


Agree The Terms of License

The Market Proposal will enable us to prepare the terms of your license and provide you with a a draft licensing agreement for you to review. Each license is tailored to fit the territory and licensee.

We will work with you to finalise the terms specific to you and your market. Once you’ve signed and returned your license agreement we’re ready to move forward and get your started on your journey to opening your Abbey Road Institute.


Implementation & Collaboration

Our team are ready to help you with the next stage in your journey. Once you’ve signed your license agreement, we’ll guide you through all the steps before you open your doors and support you as you get started. You and your team will have full access to our Operations Manual. From signing your license to enrolling your first intake of students, this includes:

  • Pre-opening support
  • Feedback and input on developing your teaching facilities
  • Support with staff recruitment
  • Training for staff (academic, sales and marketing, administrative and more)
  • Guidance on the creation of your website and marketing collateral

Once your Abbey Road Institute is open we provide comprehensive ongoing support to ensure the continued success of your school. This includes:

  • Regular academic, sales, marketing and management meetings
  • Academic support
  • Updated marketing materials and support
  • Access to our Operations Manual
  • Launching new courses
  • Guidance in best practice for all areas of the business


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