Behind The Scenes of Our Flagship School: Abbey Road Institute London

Welcome to Abbey Road Institute London, the first of our music production schools, which opened in 2015. Watch our short film and read on to learn about the origins of Abbey Road Institute London, our flagship school. Meet the team and some of our students and alumni who share insights into what and how we teach.

Our Origins At Abbey Road Studios

The London Institute is where it all started. Our founding team worked with producers, engineers and colleagues at Abbey Road, along with our wider music industry network, to create an industry-focused curriculum. An education that hones in on the practical, technical, creative, problem-solving, and collaborative skills needed to succeed in the music industry. Combined with a pace, intensity and approach to teaching that mirrors the reality of the working world.

This set us on the path to launching our flagship school in September 2015 with our first intake of students. At that time, our tech lab, mixing studio and production suites were located inside number 5 Abbey Road, the house owned by and adjacent to the Studio. The live room and control room of our ‘Custom 75 Studio’ were, and remain today, inside the main studio.

Outgrowing Capacity at Abbey Road

In the following years, demand for our specialist training has grown substantially. It was fundamental that we find a suitable space in London that would allow us to expand our industry-standard facilities and train more students. In early 2021, we secured and revived the beautiful Angel Recording Studios in Islington, North London. This enabled us to move into another iconic recording studio with a unique history and important role within the London music scene. Our students learn in dedicated facilities alongside a commercial studio in a set-up not dissimilar to that at Abbey Road. The move allowed us to add an extra Tech Lab, Production Suite, and Atmos Suite and provide two dedicated studios for our students.

Expansion Of Our Portfolio

The move into our Islington home has seen our capacity grow and our portfolio of courses expand. These now include the Song Production Masterclass, Advanced Diploma in Audio Post Production for Film & TV and the Drums Recording Masterclass.

The commercial studio, Angel One, has welcomed many clients since we reopened. These include Jacob Collier, Sam Smith and Kim Petras, Cat Burns and projects such as Wonka, Pain Hustlers, and Magic Mike 3, along with the upcoming ‘Beetlejuice 2’, set for release later in 2024. Graduates from our Music Production Diploma can apply for a one-year work placement at Angel. This gives many a stepping stone into the commercial studio scene in London. It fosters further opportunities for networking and other routes into the industry.

Billboard Success at Abbey Road Institute

Discover more about our flagship school in our news story celebrating Abbey Road Institute being selected for the fourth year running as one of Billboard’s Top Music Business Schools 2023.

If you’re interested in understanding how a school can successfully integrate into and complement a commercial studio, get in touch. In addition to London, we have further schools that operate within an existing studio business, with classes, teaching, and sessions happening side by side.

Contact us via or using the ‘Contact’ button at the top of the page.

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Joaquina: Miami Alumna Wins ‘Best New Artist’ Latin Grammy

This year’s Latin Grammys witnessed the meteoric rise of the young and talented artist, Joaquina, who graduated from Abbey Road Institute Miami this summer. Recently awarded ‘Best New Artist’ Joaquina’s journey from our Miami Institute’s studios to the grand stage of the Latin Grammys is a testament to her artistic creativity, talent and dedication.

Joaquina’s Musical Education

Joaquina’s artistic journey started at a young age, having learned piano and violin from the age of seven. She has honed her craft and developed a unique voice that has captivated the Latin music scene. Her time at our Miami Institute laid the foundation for a promising career. It’s incredibly inspiring to see her achievements recognised on such a prestigious platform so early in her music journey.

A graduate of our school, Joaquina’s success reflects her musical talent. It underscores the dedication she committed to her education with us and the artistic nurturing provided by the team. Her time during her studies evidently played a pivotal role in shaping her into the artist she is today.

Latin Grammys Triumph

The Latin Grammys, a pinnacle in the Latin music industry, awarded the 2023 title of Best New Artist to Joaquina. She also received a nomination for Best Singer-Songwriter Album, Los Mejores Anos, making her the youngest artist to receive this nomination. The title song was produced by Julio Reyes Copello, Managing Director of Abbey Road Institute Miami. Multiple award winner Copello also received two nominations at the 2023 Latin Grammys for his work on Los Mejores Anos.

Joaquina and ARI Miami team. Latin Grammy's 2023

Impact on the Industry

Winning Best New Artist at the Latin Grammys is no small feat, and Joaquina’s success signals a promising future in the Latin music industry. Her achievements inspire aspiring artists, proving that dedication, innovation, and a strong foundation can lead to extraordinary success. Joaquina’s music is a fusion of diverse influences, seamlessly blending traditional Latin rhythms with a contemporary pop sound. Her ability to infuse authenticity into her work has resonated with fans and critics alike. Her unique style is clearly making waves and contributing to the dynamic landscape of Latin music.

Global Recognition

Joaquina’s music has garnered international acclaim. Her win at the Latin Grammys is not only a personal triumph but also a moment of pride for all at Abbey Road Institute. It showcases the global impact of the education and artistic values instilled in our graduates.

Joaquina’s journey from Abbey Road Institute to the Latin Grammys stage is a source of pride. Her success highlights the quality of education and artistic development provided by her alma mater. Joaquina is a shining example of the talent that emerges from our family of schools. We congratulate her on this well-deserved recognition and eagerly anticipate the continued brilliance of her musical career.

Work With Us

If you have the ambition to support, educate and nurture the next generation of artists, producers, and engineers, get in touch. Our aim is to bring our unique education to upcoming talent and contribute to journeys worldwide like Joaquina’s. Contact us at or via the button at the top.

Abbey Road Institute: Billboard’s Top Music Business Schools 2023

We are delighted to announce that Abbey Road Institute is recognised as one of Billboard’s Top Music Business Schools for 2023. As a specialist music production school, we are dedicated to training the next generation of music producers, sound engineers and creatives. Our Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering includes a music business module which is integral to what we teach. Students graduate with the skills needed for the dynamic landscape of today’s music industry.

Billboard states, ‘Those attending any of Billboard’s top music business schools will be solidly positioned to pursue careers in an increasingly complex music industry. The schools listed are selected through executive recommendations, alumni information provided by honorees from our multiple power lists, information requested from each school and a decade of reporting on these programs.’

Training The Next Generation

At Abbey Road Institute, we attract a cohort of talented and highly motivated students. We diligently guide them toward becoming proficient and versatile music industry professionals. Our student body, a diverse group of unique individuals, demonstrates continuous growth and development with each module completed. Our graduates are incredibly successful and have received Billboard recognition, Grammy, Latin Grammy and MPG (Music Producers Guild) nominations and awards.

Learning From Music Industry Veterans

In collaboration with seasoned music industry experts, we deliver a cutting-edge curriculum reflecting the realities of the music industry today. Our guest lecturers include Artist Management, A&R, Copywriting, Sync and Royalties, Licensing, Marketing, and Management professionals representing labels such as UMG, Sony, Warner, RCA, and others.

Carlos Lellis, Programme Director of our Music Production course, acknowledges the significance of our recognition on Billboard’s list. He states, “This nomination is a testament to the dedication and expertise of Yannis Iliopoulos and Ian Ramage, responsible for developing and delivering our Music Business curriculum.”

Being featured in Billboard’s 2023 Top Music Business Schools is noteworthy. We take pride in standing alongside many esteemed educational institutions. They include The BRIT School, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA)Berklee College of Music, and California Institute of the Arts

You can view the complete list and read the Billboard article here for more information.

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Nurturing Tomorrow’s Music Industry Leaders

A Forward-Thinking Approach to Music Production Education

In the ever-evolving music industry landscape, staying ahead is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. Our music production course, the Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering, embodies a forward-thinking philosophy that prepares graduates for the challenges and innovations of tomorrow’s music industry.

Three Pillars of Expertise: Music Production, Engineering and Business

At the core of our curriculum lie three distinct subject areas – music production, engineering and business. Each area is meticulously crafted into specialised modules, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted world of music production.

Designed by industry experts for aspiring professionals, our Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering uniquely combines the development of soft skills, creative thinking and technical ability.

Abbey Road Heritage: Bridging Past and Present

Students immerse themselves in a transformative journey rooted in the rich legacy of Abbey Road garnered over 90 years at the forefront of music and recording. Beyond imparting historical insights, our curriculum explores the evolution of the studio and the innovative strides that shaped the contemporary music industry. This connection to Abbey Road’s heritage provides a contextual understanding crucial for navigating the dynamic landscape of today’s music world.

Balancing Theory with Technical Proficiency

Our commitment to excellence is embodied in the practical approach to learning and teaching. Throughout the intensive one-year programme, students delve into ProTools, Logic, and Ableton Live, equipping themselves with technical proficiency through dedicated lectures and hands-on independent work.

Practical Opportunities and Industry Insights

We create a vast array of practical opportunities within our curriculum, including ensemble participation, recording sessions, and composition workshops. Students gain invaluable insights from our diverse lineup of industry professionals: sound engineers, music producers, artists, and music business experts. This exposure ensures a holistic understanding of the recording industry, helping graduates to carve unique career paths.

Abbey Road Studios: Your Classroom for Real-World Experience

Students enrolled in our flagship London Institute step inside the iconic Abbey Road Studios for regular recording sessions in Studios One, Two, and Three and the mastering rooms. These immersive experiences bridge theory and real-world application, offering a taste of the professional environment awaiting them. During our annual Global Graduation Ceremony, hosted at Abbey Road, students from all our Institutes worldwide are invited to experience the special privilege of working, learning and celebrating inside these hallowed halls.

Progressive Continuous Learning: Blending Theory and Practice

Our unique teaching methodology, Progressive Continuous Learning, is instrumental in our approach to teaching and learning. This approach seamlessly merges theory with practice by breaking down the course into interconnected modules with short, linked sessions. Unlike isolated modules, our method reinforces practical skills alongside contextual understanding, fostering a comprehensive and integrated learning experience.

Apprenticeship-Style Teaching: Fostering Skills and Confidence

Students experience an apprenticeship-style teaching model, immersing themselves in hands-on lessons across all modules. This dynamic approach allows students to cultivate a diverse skill set, instil confidence, and accumulate real-world experience—assets you’ll carry seamlessly into the workplace.

In music production education, we don’t just keep pace; we set the rhythm for tomorrow’s industry leaders. Join us on this transformative journey, where innovation meets tradition, and education shapes a future harmonized with success.

Curious To Know More?

Visit our Licensing Concept page to find out more about what licensing with Abbey Road Institute offers. If you want to contribute to educating the next generation of music producers, sound engineers, and artists, get in touch. You can contact us via the ‘Contact’ button at the top of the page or at

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